This Week in Social Media Updates: Here Come the Clubhouse Competitors, Instagram and More

2021 has already brought some major updates to the social media world. Two major outlets are stepping into the audio game, Remixes are coming to Reels, Facebook is getting rid of Analytics, and much more… See below for all the social updates you need to know about.


LinkedIn & Spotify Test an Audio Feature

With the massive popularity of the audio-chat app Clubhouse, other social networks are wanting to jump on the bandwagon. LinkedIn is now testing a feature where creators will be able to interact and connect with each other via audio-chat. The company believes their audio-chat feature will be different as a user will represent their professional account, and not just their social account. LinkedIn is seeing a lot of growth in conversations through the tools available on their platform, and the company wants to create a unique audio feature to better connect their users. The company is also making efforts to bring audio-chat to Events & Groups on the platform.

Spotify is also adding an audio feature to the platform! Their new audio feature will allow any user to host a conversation in order to connect with their audience and answer any questions. The company also mentioned there may be monetization options for creators with this new feature later down the line.


Monetization Through Clubhouse

Clubhouse is now rolling out a monetization tool. This new feature will allow users to send their favorite Clubhousers money through “coins” to show their appreciation for their content. The social platform will not take a cut from this, and they’re currently testing it out with just a few users.


Remix with Reels

TikTok’s “Duets” feature has gained major popularity, and now Instagram has introduced a similar feature called “Remix”. Now, when you watch a Reel, you’ll have the option to “Remix” it, allowing you to film a response or reaction to that Reel. This tool is a great way to allow users to collab, and can help increase your engagement and reach as Instagram seems to be pushing this feature hard right now.


YouTube Removing Likes

YouTube has recently stated they’re testing new designs which don’t show your dislike number on your videos, in an attempt for the platform to be more of a positive space.

Instagram Testing Story Drafts & Reshare Icons

We’ve all been there when we get frustrated while creating a story. Sometimes we get distracted and lose all our work, or have to save every story we do in order to post it all together at a later time. Well, fear no more as Instagram is now testing story drafts due to popular demand! When you exit out of a story, you will now have the option to save it as a draft, allowing you to refer back to it later. There’s not an official launch date of this new feature, but definitely keep an eye out for it.

Instagram is also testing out icons to show if content on your stories has been reshared. If you share a Reel on your story, you’ll see a “Reshared Post” icon in the upper left, or if you share a Reel from your main feed to your story you’ll see a “Created with Reels” icon.


Facebook’s Removing Analytics. 😱

Facebook has announced they’re removing Analytics, and they’ll no longer be available after June 30, 2021. The company has not stated the reasoning behind this, but it could be because they’d like for Facebook Business Suite to be the one place to manage all your business accounts. Business Suite gives you the ability to manage all your Facebook & Instagram business accounts in one place and includes a variety of tools such as the ability to view insights, posting & messaging options, and the ability to create ads (Business Suite is not available to all users). However, we offer the same type of tools on our platform, including a variety of content available to post to your business accounts. 🙂


So many new updates to get excited about! Be sure to keep an eye out for these, and start strategizing ways to incorporate them in your social media marketing plan.



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