Extended Character Count on Twitter and What it Means for Your Business

Big Feature Rolling Out

Twitter is finally rolling out one big change –  the ability for you to write longer messages! While the 140-character limit remains, no longer will links from shared GIFs, polls, photos, videos, or quoted tweets count toward the character limits of your tweets. This means you can share your media and write more!

Future Plans from Twitter

Twitter also plans to exclude Twitter handles from the character count for reply tweets. However, this is still in the testing phase and there are no details as to if and when this feature will roll out.

What This Means for Businesses 

While you may only gain 20-25 more characters with this change, this is huge when it comes to crafting marketing messages for your prospects or customers. Use the extra writing space wisely. Connect with users, share the benefits of your service or product, or ask for feedback!

In the near future, look out for longer forms of messaging on Twitter and begin to capitalize on this with additional ways to market your business and connect with consumers.

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