How To Use Multibrain’s ‘ShowMaker’ Feature

Our ‘ShowMaker’ feature allows users to continue to customize their own content, while still staying true to brand guidelines. It allows users to create a slide show of any images they select or a product showcase of a certain product/category. Essentially, a user can select up to 10 images from the platform and/or upload their own to create a slide show video, up to 15 seconds long. It will show the different posts in a looping video format.

Here’s how to use our latest feature

1. Go into the content calendar. When you find a piece of content you want to add to your show, click on it.

2. After clicking on an image, select “CREATE A SHOW”.

3. This will then be the start of your show. You can add to the show by simply going through the content available, and clicking the “ADD TO SHOW” icon which appears at the bottom of each image. Or you can upload your own images to add to your show!

4. As you are adding images, a preview of your show will be available to you at the bottom of the page.

5. Once you are done creating your show, select “POST AS VIDEO” and schedule to post the show as you normally would.

You can create a show out of anything you like! For example, create a show of 5 of your favorite new products or create a show around a theme such as Fashion:

There’s so much you can show off with ShowMaker, so play around and have fun with it!

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