Social Media Do’s & Don’ts for 2020

Social media as an entity can be complicated to understand, with all of the different platforms, lingo, and “rules.” It can be hard to remember what is normal on one platform might be alien to another. To break down the basics for you, we’ve compiled 6 Do’s and Don’ts for social media that you should put into practice–if you can’t remember anything else, remember this!


Do: Keep Your Profile Updated!

Make sure you are keeping your business’ profile up-to-date with the correct contact information, images, and website–if applicable!


Don’t: Always Streamline Posts

You should try to not post the exact same image across all of your social media platforms all of the time. Some times it’s ok, but try to specify your post for each platform. Otherwise, it can come across as lazy, it also makes you seem like a robot if you post the same thing on every platform. Each audience is different so respond appropriately to who you’re trying to reach.


Do: Understand the Differences Between Platforms

Take notice of the differences between each social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use those differences to your advantage.


Don’t: Only Post Sales

Social Media is about building and maintaining an audience, not pitching your next sale every opportunity you get! Balance your posts between promoting your business and sharing posts about yourself and your interests.


Do: Engage With Followers

Build connections with your followers! Reply to their comments and go out of your way to comment on their posts as well to foster that online community.


Don’t: Make it All About You

Switch up what you post about! Don’t always share links to your business, but also spread the love to other businesses or profiles so you don’t seem self-important.


Which of these Do’s and Don’ts do you implement on social media? What would you add? Let us know in the comments!

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