Social Media Etiquette 101

Need some tips on how to mind your manners on social media? Or maybe do you need to send this article to a friend or family member who needs some advice on how to behave online? Never fear, the Brains here at Multibrain have curated our top three do’s and don’t’s of the social media world.


Do: Leave many nice, positive, & respectful comments on posts!

Don’t: Use obnoxious sarcasm or make comments that are offensive, rude, or generally mean.

We love sarcasm just as much as the next guy, but be wary using it on social media. It can be difficult to interpret a comment’s meaning without hearing the inflection of the persons saying it in front of you. Don’t comment something that might get misinterpreted to be offensive or rude. Also–if someone else is commenting negative things on your posts, ignore or delete the comment. Don’t engage in a social media war because it can damage your brand’s online reputation. Remember: everything you post online stays online forever–the good, the bad, & the ugly.


Do: Read and fact-check before you make comments on an article or something of the like.

Don’t: Take a headline out of context and share misinformation.

This Do/Don’t combo is particularly important for Facebook and Twitter. Both platforms have a history of blowing news stories out of proportion or propagating “fake news.” Make sure you take a pause and get all of the information before diving into conversations on either of these platforms–specifically if the discussion is political.


Do: Share engaging, creative pictures online!

Don’t: Share unprofessional images on your business page.

Same as the words you share online, pictures that you post are permanently available for viewing. Whatever you decide to share on your personal page is certainly up to you, however, when it comes to using social media for business, ensure that you are sharing content you would feel ok showing your grandmother. If you’re questioning, don’t post it. Better safe than sorry. For example, if you were to update your profile picture on LinkedIn, you would want to make sure you’re using something more professional than your Facebook profile pic.


What Do’s and Don’ts would you add to our list? What social media etiquette do you use in your social media world? Let us know in the comments below!

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