Social Media Tips: Facebook Edition

Facebook is bustling with opportunities for business growth, collaboration, and progress. You just have to be clever enough to find it. Here, we’ve compiled the best social media tips to grow your business using Facebook.


1. Use videos instead of lengthy text posts

No one wants to sit and read an essay on Facebook about why they should buy a product. Use a visual to catch your viewer’s attention, and make it a video to keep them engaged for a longer span of time. They’re going to be much more likely to check out your product if you capture their interest within the first 5 seconds.


2. Investing in advertising pays off

No one wants to shell out money for something that doesn’t yield solid results. Naturally, you may be skeptical in paying for Facebook ads because what if they don’t bring in the right audience, or any audience at all for that matter? When it comes to Facebook advertising, you may find that it if you take the risk, you may success. This is a good method for finding a wider, new audience.


3. Use your best visuals

This goes hand-in-hand with what we mentioned in the first point. Only post the content that is your cream-of-the-crop, the best-of-your-best. If you share anything less, potential customers won’t notice you and will not hesitate to scroll right by. Make sure the content you’re sharing is going to draw your reader in, but also be convincing enough to make them stay and read more.


4. Find your niche’s influencers and engage, engage, engage.

Are you a makeup business? Find some bloggers, influencers, or celebrities that have Facebook pages and engage on their posts. Reply to their fan’s comments, invite them to like your page, message some of them if you feel you have something worthwhile to share! Who knows, your engagement might transform them into YOUR fans!


5. Join groups!

If you haven’t already read our other article on Facebook engagement, check it out here: 5 Reasons to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business. Facebook groups are essential for collaboration and networking. It’s a great way to find other business owners that share your interests and maybe some of your struggles. Bounce ideas off of each other, pair up for sponsorships, and maybe grow a couple followers!


Facebook as a social media platform is far from dying out. In fact, it’s very living. It’s important to tackle engagement from every side of the word. From Instagram to Facebook, your fans are waiting. Are you going to capture their attention?

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