Social Media Tips: Instagram Edition

Is Instagram right for your business? Before you even ask yourself that question, you should take a look at the statistics for Instagram engagement compared to that of Twitter or Facebook. For example, 60% of Instagram users find new products on Instagram, and, once they find that product, 70% of Instagram users are likely to make a mobile purchase. As far as engagement goes, Instagram has a 2.2 percent per follower interaction rate compared to Facebook, which as a 0.22 rate. It’s not to say all platforms don’t have their own special use and purpose, but we are saying Instagram could be a better platform for you to more intimately interact with your audience.

So now that you have the facts, you need to learn some tips on how to master Instagram. We’ve compiled our favorite tips for managing Instagram as a business owner. Read on to learn more.


1. Convert to a business account for better analytics. When you convert to a business account, you immediately have access to privileges personal accounts do not. Firstly, you get analytics. Analytics are a lifesaver for business owners. Not only do you have access to the age, location, and gender of your audience, you also are able to see how your fans are engaging with your posts. Plus, you get contact buttons right on your profile to make it easy for your customers to contact you!

2.  Use your best pictures. Treat your feed like your own personal museum. You wouldn’t put any thing less than perfect up in a museum, so treat your Instagram the same way. People will be drawn to how cohesive and professional your business looks, and will be more likely to stick around for more!

3. Repost your customers! Of course, ask permission first, but if you happen to be scrolling your feed and see a customer using your product, or are tagged in a photo by them, send them a message and ask if you can share it on your page or story! They will likely be flattered and you will have made a personal connection with a customer, all while promoting your own business.

4. Host a giveaway. Giveaways are an amazing way to boost your follower count and introduce fans to your product. Team up with other influencers or similar businesses to broaden your audience and make sure the giveaway is simple to enter. After the giveaway is over, you could even offer a discount code to your followers just for entering–as an extra little “thank you”!

5. Use smart hashtags. When posting, it is so important to find the right hashtags to share your posts to. Make sure the ones you’re using are within your niche and don’t use over 30–Instagram will mark you as spam. When picking hashtags to use, shy away from ones that say 1.1m posts, because your post is likely to get lost. Instead, aim for hashtags with around 100,000-500,000 posts for a better chance of being seen.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, hop onto your Instagram and start engaging! There’s no better time to boost your social media presence.

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