Social Media’s Hottest Platform: Instagram

If you’re a business owner and you aren’t utilizing Instagram as a key component of your marketing, you better hop on the bandwagon. Instagram marketing is at a peak, and brands would do well to hop on the momentum.

Instagram recently has been expanding its marketing options through the introduction of business profiles, installation of Shopping Tags, and increased support for in-app purchases. Influencer marketing through the app is also a thriving component of social selling, specifically used by brands to increased exposure and drive sales.

Recently, Social Media Today released an article with their survey results assessing the state of Instagram marketing today. We’re here to provide a brief summary of those statistics and what it means for you.

Social Media Today surveyed over 800 digital marketers, or brands. In the study, over 90% of respondents noted that they were using Instagram to market their business. This is an important stat for business owners to make note of. If you’re not actively using Instagram and its new marketing features, your competitors are winning.

80% of the interviewed stated that they were utilizing Instagram Stories the most for their marketing purposes. Instagram Stories are quickly becoming an increasingly dominant component of the platform. With all of the new updates and features Instagram is consistently rolling out regarding the feature, Stories are not going away anytime soon. Check out some of our previous blog posts to master the Stories feature effectively for your business needs.

Image courtesy of Buffer


The study also noted that currently, Instagram Live and IGTV are yet to be widely accepted by the social media community. However, this is not to disregard both features, as they are still essential to engaging with fans on Instagram.

What features do you use the most on Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

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