Why Customers Buy Products + How to Sell Better with Social Selling

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Once you figure out what compels a consumer to make a purchase, you can start tweaking your sales strategy to meet consumers where they are — and increase your conversions and transactions. 

In this post, we’ll explain why customers buy your products and share pointers on using social media, social selling, and direct selling to sell better.

What makes a customer buy your products?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for why customers buy products. Customers are human, after all, with many complex behaviors, circumstances, and factors that influence their purchasing decisions.

The five underlying factors that trigger consumers to make a purchase include:

  1. Need: Consumers buy things because they need them. Needs are a powerful motivator to purchase something. If you can convince your customers they need your product or service, you’re on your way to boosting your revenue. 
  2. Convenience: People search for — and are compelled to buy — products that will make their lives easier and more comfortable.
  3. Security: Consumers buy products they think will protect them and provide security — this is why people have no issue spending hundreds of dollars per month on home security systems. 
  4. Fear: There’s nothing like a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) to motivate a customer to make a purchase! Sometimes, impulse buying ties into this fear. FOMO purchases give consumers an immediate sense of inclusion.
  5. Price: Who hasn’t purchased something they didn’t exactly need because the price was good? When consumers think they’re getting a deal, they are much more likely to make a purchase.


When working in direct selling, knowing what motivates consumers to buy helps you grow your business, your relationship with your customers, and your sales skills. When you are catering to potential customers, they find value in the things you post to social media.

What not to do when trying to sell a product or service

When you’re trying to sell a product or service, you should never:

  • Focus on the price over the value. Leading with the price is a rookie mistake. Unless you’re offering an amazing deal, focus on the value your product or service will add to the consumers’ lives.
  • Ignore the customer’s needs. If customers are not convinced they need something, they won’t be compelled to buy it. However, when you can prove that your product/service fulfills their needs, you have a winning formula.
  • Make promises you can’t keep. Nobody likes gimmicks or false promises. Overpromising may get you the sale in the short-term, but it will cost you customer satisfaction and your reputation.


Keeping these no-nos in mind ensures that you are the best version of yourself when it comes to network marketing. 

What is social selling?

Social selling is a direct selling strategy that incorporates social media into every stage of the sales funnel.

A social selling strategy allows you to engage with potential customers without making a cold call, spending hours creating buying lists, or chasing down poorly qualified leads.

How to sell better

To sell better, incorporate social media and social selling into each effort. How? Follow these tips for a successful social selling strategy:

  • Optimize your social media platforms. People won’t trust your brand enough to make a purchase if your social media profiles are half-complete and your last post was from 2012. Make sure all your social media accounts are up-to-date and contain accurate contact information, and use them to promote your products and services to start reaping the benefits of social selling.
  • Share content to build your credibility. Creating and sharing compelling content is one of the best ways to build credibility and engagement on social media. Your content can include helpful how-to guides and other content types that let your expertise shine through.
  • Post engaging content. To harness the true power of social media as a form of direct selling, you need your audience to feel compelled to engage with you. How can you do this? Through engaging content! To help your content break through the noise, use jaw-dropping photos, entertaining videos, and behind-the-scenes looks at your production and manufacturing processes — to name a few. You want your content to be powerful enough that it makes a social media user act right then and there to make a purchase.

We can help

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