Social Selling: THINKing About Your Strategy

What is social selling? It’s a term we use frequently here at Multibrain, because it’s what we do. Social Selling is taking social media to the next step. It’s taking your posts and images beyond the base level and using them to not only promote your business, but grow it. Social Selling is using creative copy, marketing techniques, and engaging content to expand your business exponentially and sell your product to a wider audience.

Here at Multibrain, we’ve divided the concept of “Social Selling” into four pillars:

1. Think

2. Build

3. Grow

4. Nurture & Maintain


Throughout the next few weeks, we will be breaking down these pillars in a series of blog posts. But today, we’re going to focus on discussing the “Think” pillar, or your strategy for Social Selling.

One of the most important components in understanding the “Think” of social selling is to recognize the big picture. Social selling is about developing your own brand and voice, not copying your competitors or developing a fake persona for your social profiles. This is especially important in considering the right strategy for your brand on social media. What may work for one company on social media may not be the best fit for growing your business.

Another aspect to consider when planning your Social Selling strategy is identifying the right social networks to utilize. Recognize your strengths and what type of content would suit your business the best. If your business revolves around images of your product, maybe Instagram is the best platform to launch your Social Selling strategy. Or if you are great at quick one-liners, perhaps Twitter is the best platform for you.

Finally, define your purpose on social media. Besides wanting to gain a larger following and make more sales, why are you bringing your business to the social stage? Is it because you want people to see your product? Is it because you want to relate to people and offer your services? Do you want to become an influencer yourself? These are all important questions to consider. You will not be effective in social selling if you do not have a concrete understanding of why you are on social media in the first place. Once you have your purpose, write it down somewhere. Look at it often and don’t be afraid to change it or make updates as you learn more about your Social Selling strategy and your business.

Did this make you think about your own relationship with social media? Let us know in the comments below! And check back next week for a breakdown of the next pillar in social selling: Build.

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