Stay Ahead of the Game: A Deep Dive into 2023’s Social Media Video Specs

Facing the challenge of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of social media video specifications? We understand the struggle.

Social media platforms are in a constant state of flux, with algorithms and best practices frequently undergoing changes. This is precisely why we’ve committed ourselves to becoming your trusted source for all things related to social media, including the most current social media video specifications.Below is the latest video requirements for the most popular social media platforms.

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Effectively optimizing video content for Facebook can be a complex task, primarily due to the diverse ways it serves videos to its users.

When you invest your time in a Facebook video, it has the potential to manifest in a multitude of formats—appearing in someone’s mobile news feed, nestled in the Facebook Reels page, or even landing in an individual’s Facebook Messenger inbox because a viewer loved your video and wanted to share it with others. Moreover, understanding Facebook’s video upload limitations is crucial.

Becoming well-versed in the various types of Facebook video content and selecting a delivery format aligned with your campaign objectives is a wise move. Below, you’ll find the requisite Facebook video resolutions and specifications, or alternatively, you can refer to the help page for further guidance.

Navigating Social Media Video Specs: What You Need to Know

Facebook Video Specs

  • Regular Feed Video:
    • Resolution: 1080p or lower
    • Dimensions: 1280 x 720
    • Aspect Ratios: 16:9 (Landscape) to 9:16 (Portrait)
    • Length: Up to 240 minutes
    • Size: Up to 10 GB
    • Frame Rate: Max 30fps
  • Facebook Reels:
    • Resolution: At least 500 x 888 pixels
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
    • Video Format: .MP4 or .MOV

Captions recommended for sound-off viewers

  • Facebook 360 Video:
    • Max Resolution: 5120 x 2560 pixels (monoscopic) or 5120 x 5120 pixels (stereoscopic)
    • Aspect Ratios: 1:1 (stereoscopic) or 2:1 (monoscopic)
    • Format: .MP4 or .MOV
    • Length: Up to 30 min
    • Frame Rate: 30fps

Instagram Video Specs

Instagram offers support for three video formats: square (1:1), vertical (9:16 or 4:5), and landscape (16:9).

Here’s a helpful tip: Square videos work well for both desktop and mobile users. They occupy a substantial portion of a user’s feed without overpowering the entire screen, as vertical videos tend to do.

Considering Instagram’s vast user base of 1.4 billion daily active users, it’s essential to optimize your video uploads. Let’s ensure your Instagram video creation is spot-on for maximum engagement and impact.

  • In-Feed Video (Landscape, Square, Vertical):
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1080
    • Aspect Ratios: 16:9, 1:1, 4:5
    • Max File Size: 4GB
    • Video Format: .MP4 or .MOV
    • Max Length: 120 seconds
    • Frame Rate: 23-60 fps
    • Recommended Characters: 125
  • Instagram Stories:
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1920
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
    • Max File Size: 4GB
    • Video Format: .MP4 or .MOV
    • Max Length: 15 seconds
    • Frame Rate: 23-60 fps
  • Instagram Reels:
    • Resolution: 1080 x 1920
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
    • Max File Size: 4GB
    • Video Format: .MP4 or .MOV
    • Video Length: 3 seconds to 15 minutes

TikTok Video Specs

TikTok, the globally acclaimed short-form video platform, reported an astounding revenue of nearly 500 million USD during the first quarter of 2023. For savvy marketers, harnessing the power of this platform can lead to an exponential boost in brand recognition and increased sales of products or services.

TikTok simplifies the process of crafting and sharing video content, making it not only straightforward but also quite addictive. You can explore the essential specifications outlined below, and for further insights into leveraging TikTok for business, delve deeper into the platform’s offerings.

  • In-Feed Content (Organic):
    • Dimensions: 1080 x 1920
    • Aspect Ratio: 9:16
    • Max Video Size: 287 MB
    • Video Formats: .MP4 or .MOV
    • Max Length: 10 minutes
    • Character Limit: 2,200


Staying on top of social media video specs ensures your content looks its best and reaches the right audience. Stay updated, adapt your strategy, and create engaging videos across platforms. Continue to stay informed, motivated, and well-connected in the world of digital marketing by following Multibrain on LinkedIn for thought-provoking content, exclusive industry insights, and valuable networking opportunities. Our platform is your gateway to professional growth and success.

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