The Best Social Selling Strategies in 2022

If you are in sales, odds are you’re selling on social media in one way or another. Social media has become the center of selling, and these days, nearly everyone has something to sell. The challenge of social selling is creating a community of people who trust your authority and feel comfortable taking your advice. Let’s dive into the best social selling strategies of 2022. 

1. Using DMs (Direct Messages) to answer questions and engage prospects.

As someone who sells on social media, you are likely the first point of contact when a potential customer/prospect has a question about your product. A whopping 45% of sales reps say using DMs to provide customer support is an effective strategy for converting prospects. On top of that, 43% say it’s an effective strategy for converting existing customers.

One of the best ways to direct potential customers to your DMs is to just let your audience know fairly frequently, (maybe once every week or two) that your DMs are open to any questions. If you find someone that shows interest in your product, shoot them a quick introductory message letting them know who you are, that you’re glad they’ve taken the time to interact on your page, and that they can message you about any questions they have. 

DMs offer personal, one-on-one communication. It also affords more privacy than the standard comment section. But remember — while social media is a powerful tool to start conversations, the ultimate goal is to eventually take it offline. DMs can be a stepping stone to getting there.

2. Approaching social media as a search engine to find leads.

Most sales professionals think of social media as a networking tool — which is true, but it’s also a powerful search engine, enabling you to identify and research leads with just a few clicks.

For instance, 65% of sales professionals say Facebook is the most effective channel for finding potential customers. A simple click on a prospect’s profile can lead to their job title, shared connections, and more. It may also give you insight into their personality, interests, and preferred communication style.

Social media can also serve as a way to warm up leads to what you are selling. Bring up your product organically in your posts and stories. Talk about how they are your favorite product because of xyz, but don’t talk about the sales aspect. 

3. Build social proof to bring on new customers.

Building social proof is one of those feats that can prove to be difficult. Social proof is evidence that other people have purchased and found value in a product or service offered by a business. Many times social proof is shared with an audience to let them know that other people have used the product you are selling enough to text, message, or post their personal recommendation to buy that item. This is a great way to build rapport.  

At its core, building rapport is about providing value — and social media is a great vehicle to deliver it. There are many ways to build rapport via social media, such as showcasing reviews and testimonials, engaging with your prospect’s content, and sharing relevant articles.

The last thing someone who sells products should do is ignore the opportunities that are available on social media. Check out this blog post covering the most important aspects of social media to fully strengthen your social media presence. 

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