The Best Ways to Reach More People on Facebook

Facebook is a constantly evolving platform, which means it can sometimes be tricky to know how to increase and maintain a large audience. We’ve compiled our key tools to reaching the most amount of people on the platform.


1. Increase Reach Through Engagement

How many times have you been scrolling through Facebook and see a post from two years ago pop up in your feed? Likely, it was because someone you follow or are friends with liked or commented on that old post and resurrected it to the front of the News Feed. As more people saw the post again and began to add comments, the post reappeared in more and more of your friends’ feeds–as planned by the algorithm.

This holds true for new posts as well. The more comments and likes your posts get, the more likely it is to show up in others’ News Feeds. So if people comment on your post, be sure to reply back to boost the visibility even more!


2. Post in a Way That Makes Followers Want to Check Back Often

You can achieve this through a variety of different ways. Here are some of the ways we’ve found success:

  • Connect your post to current events
  • Post in a way that helps or informs your followers
  • Don’t explain or debate, open your posts up for discussion (always include a Call to Action)
  • Building on the previous bullet: always solicit other opinions
  • Ask for feedback!

People love talking about themselves in a way that feels natural and genuine. Always strive to make your social media about your followers, not so much about you.


3. Don’t Post in a Spam-y or Tacky Way

Facebook has specific systems in place to target posts that are soliciting artificial engagement. These posts are ones that explicitly ask for likes, shares, or to “repost if you agree.” These types of posts are inauthentic and will likely result in Facebook taking action against your account. Additionally, trends show that posts that comment bait, ask users to “tag a friend” or request fans “react to vote” actually receive significantly lower engagement than standard, genuine posts. So keep it real and casual–don’t try too hard.


How will you put these tips into practice on your Facebook social account? What tips do you have that you want to add? Comment below and happy posting!

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