The Expansion of Instagram Into More Than Just Photo-Sharing

The way people use Instagram has evolved over the last few years. Given increasing data that shows users are turning to the app for entertainment and shopping purposes, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, has announced that they will be leaning into these changes and expanding the app into more than just photo sharing. These changes will focus on 4 key areas: creators, video, shopping, and messaging. 



In a video posted on Twitter, Adam shares that he intends on helping creators earn a living. He recognizes that there has been a shift in power from institutions to individuals across many industries, and he wants Instagram to be included in this shift. 



Research has determined that the number one reason people use Instagram is to be entertained, and video content is seeing an immense amount of growth across several different platforms. Instagram has a lot of competition when it comes to video content. TikTok and Youtube are huge platforms in which people consume video content on a daily basis. 

Instagram will be rolling out some new changes in the near future to help introduce users to a wider net of content creators. One way they will do this is by showing users content in their Feed from creators they may not be following yet. They’re also testing ways users can say what type of content they are interested in, as well as what they want to see more or less of. Instagram stresses that any of these changes will not happen overnight and that they will be very transparent with their users about what is to come. 



The pandemic has altered the way of life in countless different ways, both positive and negative. One positive thing to come out of our altered way of life is a focus on online shopping. Not only does it make shopping more accessible, but it opens consumers’ eyes to more than what they may have in their home base. This shift to online commerce has “moved the industry ahead a number of years,” and Instagram intends to capitalize on this shift. 



While research has shown that more and more users are looking to Instagram for entertainment purposes, they have also learned that users are making connections with each other through messaging. 


What Does This Mean For You?

Just sit back, relax, and experiment with the upcoming changes! Making sure you have an Instagram Business Account to schedule out from our platform and gain access Instagram Analytics. Keep a close eye on how your different types of content are doing, and continue on with what performs best! Continue focusing on the connections you make, and always be sure you’re putting your best, most authentic foot forward.


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