The Guide to Facebook’s New Ad Restrictions

Are your Facebook ads a good quality? In the recent weeks, Facebook has implemented new policies for ads that aren’t quite up-to-par. The new rules come with strict penalties for not following them, and seek to provide Facebook with less clickbait, and more genuine ads.

So how do you know if your ads are breaking the rules? Here are Facebook’s three examples for what will get your ad pulled:

1. Engagement Bait

These posts ask social media users to “like, react or comment,” on the post in return for some sort of reward or product. Although this is a great method of boosting engagement for businesses, it makes Facebook’s data incorrect which then messes with their algorithm. Basically, stay away from this “engagement hack.”


2. Withholding Information

Facebook is not one to play guessing games, and they don’t like when an ad doesn’t give full disclosure. For example, “Click to see who wore the ugliest dress to the red carpet!” To Facebook, these ads could be spam, and are immediately treated as such. They want their newsfeed to be filled with quality, clear content, instead of posts that don’t show you all the information. Our tip on this one? Don’t play games in your ads, just be open!


3. Sensationalized Language

Another word for this one: exaggeration. How many times have you seen an ad that promises the BEST in its field? The “best” purse in the world, or “mind-blowing” facts about food. Facebook wants their ads to feel real, and if they are promising something extravagant in their headlines and not delivering in their content, those ads are gone. Ultimately, Facebook is trying to enhance the personal user’s experience, and if they are misled by a headline that Facebook allowed, they’ll be less likely to click on other ads.

Be sure to stray away from using these three methods of advertising on Facebook. The penalties are not worth the risk, plus, you’ll likely get more reach from being your own authentic self anyway.

For more information straight from Facebook, check it out here.

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