The Importance of Connection on Social Media

When on social media, it can become so easy to get lost in the rhythm of the newsfeed, aimlessly scrolling through posts, arbitrarily liking pictures and posts. But an important aspect of social media usage that business owners should master is the the art of personal connection. As a business owner, it is imperative to utilize social media’s wide audience to your advantage. However, the sheer number of social media users can be daunting, therefore it is so important to ensure you build real connections with fans–and potential fans! But how?


Engagement is key. Sure, ad promotions are great and will drive traffic to your page, but if your customers don’t actually know who you are–as a business owner and as a person–they will be significantly less likely to purchase from you. But how do you combat this lack of connection? Engage with your fans! If they comment on your posts, start a conversation in the thread. Reach out on their posts as well to share your thoughts and start building that initial relationship.


Facebook Live as a tool for connection.  Facebook Live is an underused, but essential tool for engaging with your fans. When you start a live video, your fans get an inside look into your personal life and experiences in real time. You can answer questions that they comment or talk about your business on a more personal, three-dimensional level. Before you go live, make sure you announce it in advance so that your fans can look forward to it and tune in. Plus, fans are notified when you go live. Even if you don’t have a ton of viewers while it’s live, you can save it to your Business Page as a post that people can watch later.


Take the initiative. Don’t be afraid to share your fans’ posts! By taking the first step in engaging, you break down the barriers between your business and your fans. You want to seem more like a friend or acquaintance than a business owner with only money on the brain. Find a product of yours that you think would fit your fans’ needs, and then recommend it! They will appreciate the personalized effort, and I bet your wallet will too.


Using social media for personal connection is the best way to take your business to the next level with your clients. Business is not solely about spreading information about what you’re selling exclusively. You should seek to share a little of yourself with your audience every day because, after all, we’re all human.

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