The Instagram Content Playbook: Tips for Creating Engaging Content

With all of the many features on Instagram, it’s easier than ever to build those essential connections with your followers. Whether you’re posting an Instagram Story, picture for your Feed, filming an IGTV, or going Live, these tips we’ve collected are sure to help you master content on Instagram.


Build Connections with Your Fans

Connect with your fans through tagging them in your stories using the @mention feature, use the “questions” sticker in your stories, or reply back to comments frequently! Letting your fans know that you see and appreciate them is a great way to build a lifelong fanbase.


Be Real

Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t for follows and likes. Share personal anecdotes and sentiments with your followers. Remember to always write captions conversationally, so your fans feel as though they’re actually having a chat with you. Give your followers something they won’t find anywhere else on the platform.


Make Your Posts Creative and Frequent

Most social media analysts recommend at least one post a day, so make sure you’re posting daily and not overthinking your content. However, don’t post just to post. Provide your fans with something thoughtful, fun and creative. Also make sure you’re posting a variety of content: stories, IGTV, and lives in addition to regular feed posts!


Tell Stories

Be detailed in your captions. If you’re attending a festival or an event, give them a descriptive, behind-the-scenes look into what it was like! Make your fans feel like they were with you when you took the picture or video you’re posting. Fans will be more likely to engage content that interests them, so always give them something interesting to look at!


Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to not only engage fans through questions or polls, but also share content and work on your storytelling. Instagram Stories will now let you share longer stories–up to 1 minute in one recording. Simply hold the record button down for as long as you want, and the individual 15 second videos will show up in the lower left corner as they accumulate. Use this feature to tell stories to your fans and share valuable content with them in a longer setting!


IGTV: Use It

IGTV is a great feature and offers creators the option to share video content that is consistent with their feeds. You should aim for your video to be 2-3 minutes in length and be consistent with the content you’ve shared previously so your fans know what to expect! Remember to hook your viewers right in the beginning of the video, because they need to watch the first 3 seconds for it to count!


Hopefully this Instagram playbook will help you navigate the content options the platform offers. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Instagram strategies are from this list, or if you have any you think we should add! Happy posting!

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