The Most Important Aspects of A Social Media Post

It’s no secret that it’s hard to stand out in the ever-growing world of social media. With nearly 5 billion users worldwide, there is an over saturation of content. If you are like a majority of creators out there, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to see good engagement on your posts. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list that you can reference to boost the performance of any social media post you make. 

What Are the Elements of a Great Social Post?

While not all social media posts should follow the same format (this depends on the channel), you should follow these best practices when posting:

  • Use a powerful on-brand image
  • Write brief and compelling copy
  • Use a link to direct your audience to your website, landing page, or blog
  • Keep your posts relevant
  • Provide value/have purpose
  • Cater to your audience

Use A Powerful On-Brand Image

Images and videos are the first things that catch a person’s eye when they are scrolling through their feed. Using a high quality photo or video is the first requirement to top performing content. Check out this blog post to see what makes a high quality video. 

In addition, any images or videos you share need to be authentic to you and the content you normally post. For example, if you like to post content about your family, recipes, and gardening, stick to those main topics you focus on normally. Remember: your followers follow you because they love your content. 

Write Brief and Compelling Copy

Many times the captions of posts are overlooked by creators, but this is where you can layer some really important information. Add details about what you are posting, why it’s relevant to your audience, and ask them a question to prompt them to respond. 

Use A Link

Use a link to direct your audience to your website, landing page, or blog. Not only does this encourage your audience to follow along on your other channels, but it also helps to establish credibility. Use your personal website or blog like a tool for your audience to easily find products you recommend or find links to your other social platforms. 

Keep Your Posts Relevant

To keep your posts relevant, share solutions to problems people are having NOW. Share events in your life that are happening NOW. Make sure your followers and any new audience members have a reason to follow you. 

Provide Value/Have Purpose

We cannot stress the importance of providing value enough. You should always be providing a reason for your followers to keep coming back to your profile. Whether you provide entertainment and laughs, a calm and relaxing environment, or education and advice, providing value for your followers is SO important. 

In addition to keeping your current followers happy, you are able to gain new followers because your content is adding something valuable to the lives of your followers. 

Cater To Your Audience

Last but not least, you should be catering to your audience. Each platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Pinterest, has it’s own audience and therefore needs to be treated differently. 

For Facebook, keep in mind that a majority of avid Facebook users are over the age of 25 and are usually there to be updated on life events, see funny videos or memes, and stay connected to their friends and family. 

For Instagram, a vast majority of users are under the age of 34. This means trends are much more popular, and thus sharing “boring” or “mundane” glimpses into your life perform much better. Instagram users want to see the genuine moments of your life and want someone to relate to or aspire to. 

For TikTok, video content is the method of communication, and educational and entertaining posts perform best. TikTok is a place where most users want to see content from strangers, versus content from friends/family. Cater to an audience that doesn’t know you yet. 

For Pinterest, focus on providing ideas and inspiration for your followers. Again, most people on this platform are searching for content from strangers versus people they know. In addition, keep your posts organized into boards so it is easy for your followers to navigate around your content.

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