The Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media can be a tricky landscape to navigate. “Do this.” “Don’t do that.” It can be hard to know what you should really be doing. So let’s get straight the things you definitely do NOT want to be doing with your business’s social media marketing.


1. Only Sell

All of your content should tell a story, not just push your product or service on each post. That gets old quickly and essentially offers no value to your followers. Engage with your audience, tell stories and show personality! This should help increase your engagement and keep your fans interested.


2. Do Everything Manually

Whether is scheduling out your posts or creating content, there are so many great programs and sites you can use to help automate things and even create content. Don’t spend your valuable time doing everything manually. But don’t forget to still be authentic and engage with your users on the platform!


3. Ignore Your Fans

Users expect an answer or a response to their comments or questions within an hour. Keep your notifications for EACH social media platform turned on and respond to messages or comments as soon as possible. This could make or break a sale.


4. Forget to Update Regularly

When shopping online, the majority of people check out the social media presence of a business first. If you haven’t updated in a while or your page can’t be found, it gives them a negative view of your business. Look relevant by keeping your pages up to date.


5. Post on Controversial Topics

I know you may feel strongly about politics or religion, but your business’s social media pages are not exactly the best place to express them. No matter what, you are eliminating potential customers (the ones that do not agree) just by posting your opinions. Keep it neutral and avoid any divisive subjects.


Are you doing any of these things on social media?


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