The Top 3 Most Important Social Media Trends for 2023

Social media is constantly changing, and if you’re wondering what’s hot, what’s not, and how to fit new social media trends into your strategy… you’re definitely not alone. But, don’t worry! We have answers.

Multibrain is here to help with the biggest questions of all: how do I make sure my social media channels are up-to-date? How do I create content that will resonate with my audience? And, most importantly, how can all of this be done so that it doesn’t feel like a job?

We believe that working in an industry that morphs faster than a Power Ranger can be tough—the social media landscape is always changing. If you’re wondering what’s hot, what’s not, and how to fit new social media trends into your strategy… you’re definitely not alone. But, don’t worry! We have answers.

1. You will still have to make Reels

Instagram HQ is a chaotic place. There are multiple feature updates and Kardashian-inspired backpedaling, to be sure. But in our opinion, Instagram is still the reigning platform for brands.

Plus, Instagram is still pushing video hard. For instance, all Instagram videos are Reels now, and Reels are heavily prioritized by the recommendation algorithm. For marketers, this means that posting Instagram Reels are the best way to get in front of new eyeballs on the platform.

Fortunately, with the rise of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Amazon Video Shorts (??!), once you’ve made a short video, cross-posting is easy. Just make sure you scrub off those logos and watermarks!

To-do list: 

  • Open up your Reels tab and get comfortable with short-form video—if you aren’t fluent already. 
  • Differentiate between making videos that are evergreen with original audio versus more viral-style videos that rely on trending audio responses, stitches or other shenanigans.
  • For your original videos, learn how to download TikToks and Instagram Reels without watermarks so that you can cross-post them to all platforms.

2. LinkedIn will be about much more than jobs

If you’ve noticed your LinkedIn feed filling up with more and more personal posts lately, you’re not alone. From CEOs crying to overwhelmed parents posting photos of their kids, to breastfeeding advice, the platform is remarkably more personal than it used to be. Some people are even using the platform to find dates.

Why? Is it because LinkedIn’s algorithm has changed to favor more personal posts? Or has the pandemic erased the boundaries between our personal and professional lives? 

Don’t worry if this sounds overwhelming. For now, experiment with the following:

  • Change up your posting strategy to include some linkless posts—such as words of encouragement or cheesy jokes—as well as short personal anecdotes.
  • If you’re dabbling in thought leadership on the platform, take the opportunity to dig deeper. Help your C-suite execs offer ideas and advice through a personal lens, showing your followers their human side. But keep it genuine and grounded in reality, or else you could risk backlash.
  • Be careful not to overshare: Even though more personal content is trending, it’s still very much a professional app with 6 people getting hired every minute

3. TikTok will take over

TikTok, long known for innovation (its fresh video format was the inspiration for Meta’s Reels and YouTube Shorts, after all), has released at least 7 features this year directly inspired by other social media channels:

  • The introduction of comments on the platform—a move that Facebook copied with its own comment feature in 2019.
  • The introduction of a “Feed” tab—a feature that Instagram copied in 2020.
  • A new “TikTok Stories” section that allows users to upload their own videos and share them across different social media platforms—something Snapchat did first in 2018.
  • A new “Story Creator” feature that allows users to create their own videos using TikTok’s video editor and publish them on the feed or into stories—which Instagram copied in 2020 as well!
  • A new “Stories” tab within the app—a move that Facebook copied in 2019.
  • A new “Movies” tab within the app—a move that YouTube also copied in 2018.

If your business isn’t on TikTok yet, this is your sign to get on it. The platform has an incredibly loyal audience that’s growing by the minute, and if you want to be part of it, you need to get your brand up there. Any TikTok you create and post, be sure to cross-post it to Instagram and Facebook reels and YouTube shorts!

Here are some tips for making sure you’re ready:

  • Grab an account handle for your brand
  • Explore TikTok so you can start feeling fluent on the platform and find some ideas
  • Sketch out the basics of your TikTok marketing strategy

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