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Have you ever been in a complete state of euphoria because you are in the perfect place in the right time with the only person that you could imagine sharing that moment with? What did you do to capture that feeling or memory? 

Most likely, if you live in the 21st century, you grabbed your phone took a barrage of photos just so that you could capture that perfect moment for the rest of your life.  The more social savvy of the bunch may have longed to share their experience with the world through an Instagram photo, just to give everybody inside of their social circle just a little bit of FOMO. 

Then, it hits you like a ton of bricks – The Ultimate Instagram Dilemma. Which photo do you share with your social media followers? How on earth would can you pick just ONE picture to broadcast to the world of this epic moment in your life?! We all know that you can’t post most too many pictures in a row because then you’re just rubbing it in. ;-). THE HEARTBREAK.

Well, now you never have to struggle with choosing that one, single best photo ever again! Instagram now makes it easy for users to share up to 10 images and/or videos in one post. Now, followers simply swipe left and right to see your entire collection of handpicked visuals and relive the experience with you.

Instagram users will see a button for uploading multiple pieces of media. They can choose to put the same filter for all media or to choose individual filters for each piece. They can also change the order of the upload and  tag friends.  The group of photos and videos can be defined with one caption and one location. All comments and Likes apply to the whole post. All uploads in the post must be square. This feature is rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

What Does This Mean For Your Business: Use this new feature to tell a story about your business or as prime real estate to entertain and educate users about your product or service. There are so many great ways to utilize this carousel. Here are some examples:  If you own a business that focuses on food or cookware, use this carousel to publish a step-by-step recipe video.  If you own a fitness company, create a carousel that shows a collection of exercises that users can follow for a complete workout. If you have a business in the beauty category, use the carousel to create a makeup tutorial video or to showcase a skincare regimen. If your ultimate goal is to recruit users to join your team or business,  give prospects a behind-the-scenes experience from beginning to end that highlight the benefits of being a consultant. This can be through an exciting convention that you’re attending or a fun trip as a result of your success.


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