TikTok Adds a New Q & A Feature for Creators

In hopes to spark more engagement between creators and their fans, TikTok has launched a new Q & A feature for creators! This new feature will allow followers to ask questions in the comments sections of Creators videos.

Certain users with Creator accounts will have the option to turn this Q & A feature on. If it is turned on, viewers will see a Q and A icon in the comments section of Creators videos, and can then click on this icon to ask a question.





Other fans and followers will be able to see any questions asked, and can like any question to show they’re interested in knowing the answer as well. Creators can then gather up these questions, and use them for future video content.

Although fans have always had the ability to ask questions on live streams, this gives them the option to ask a question at any given time as they think of them, as opposed to having to wait for a live stream.



TikTok has recently stated it is still testing this new Q and A feature for both videos and Lives, and plans to roll it out to more users with Creator Accounts in the coming weeks. While in testing mode, the feature will only be available to those Creator Accounts which are on public and have more than 10k followers, and have the feature turned on in their settings.

This new feature can be a great new tool for Creators to further increase their engagement, as well as build a community and stronger connection with their followers. If this option is available to you, you definitely want to give it a try!





Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “TikTok Adds New Q&A Option Which Enables Fans to Post Questions for Creators.” SocialMediaToday, 19 January 2021, www.socialmediatoday.com/news/tiktok-adds-new-q-and-a-option-which-enables-fans-to-post-questions-for-cre.



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