TikTok’s Ad Audience Hits 1.2 Billion (And Other Mind-Blowing Stats)

A new report from Hootsuite and We Are Social was just released – detailing the latest in global social media data.

While the numbers are important, we know that the real information lies beyond the statistics. So we’ve recapped the major trends from the report, organized by app, so you can maximize your social media reach and ad potential.

Instagram Trends

Instagram users are posting and sharing the most content.

  • While TikTok still remains the top platform for consuming funny and entertaining content, Instagram users are still very active on the platform and share the most there.


4 in 10 Instagram users open their app daily.

  • This data comes in slightly higher than the TikTok results, with 3 out of 10 TikTok users on average, opening their app daily. So while TikTok has gained popularity, it’s important not to neglect Instagram as a top content-posting platform, as it is still very actively used.
  • Instagram users spend half a day per month using the app.

This equates to about 2.5% of their waking hours, and is still half the time that TikTok users spend on the TikTok app (5% of waking time).

Facebook Trends

Facebook is the place most users go for news.

44% of respondents indicated that they use Facebook to get their news updates. News is also shown to be a driver of social media usage for users 55+, making Facebook a target market for that age group.

  • Facebook has significantly more monthly users than TikTok.
  • While more users visit Facebook monthly, data has shown that users spend half the time using their Facebook app as they do their TikTok app. On average, Facebook users spend 49 minutes per day using their Facebook app, compared to the 95 minutes that TikTok users spend using the TikTok app.

Global Facebook ad reach increased by 1.2%

  • Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not dying – it’s growing! Between April and June, Facebook’s total global advertising audience grew to 2.17 billion.

TikTok Trends

TikTok ads now reach 1 billion adults monthly.

  • Probably the most notable statistic from this report, TikTok’s ad potential has grown significantly. Through reaching 1 billion adults each month, TikTok is now reaching 22.9% of all adults outside of China monthly.


New users continue to join TikTok at an impressive rate.

  • TikTok is still very steadily growing. The app’s global ad reach increased by 5.4% over the past three months, a 52 million user increase.
  • App downloads for TikTok slips below Facebook and Instagram.


While TikTok is increasing in users, it has slipped to third place in the app ranking by new downloads. Instagram and Facebook lead, respectively, while Whatsapp and Snapchat trail TikTok in the rankings.

Using This Data for Your Benefit

Data is valuable on its own, but it’s also important to know how to utilize it in the most effective way for your social selling strategy.

Here are the top two tips for how to use this data moving forward:

  • Creative Opportunities: each platform offers a unique audience, with unique internet usage characteristics, and ad reach. It’s important to consider your platform carefully when planning content to decide which creative formats make the most sense to reach your desired audience and achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Usage Motivations & Context: As noted, each user is using individual social media apps with a different purpose. When creating content for your platforms, be sure to keep in mind the value in what you are putting out – to make sure it aligns with the general context of those using the app.


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