Using Zoom Backgrounds to Keep Your Privacy and Clean Up Your Space

Zoom is currently being used more than ever due to COVID-19 and stay at home orders. You may be using Zoom for all kinds of things, whether it be for work or to just stay in touch with family and friends. That being said, did you know you have the option to change your Zoom background? This is a great feature to use if you want to hide your background mess for work calls or if you want to show a more exciting view than just your plain beige wall. Also, utilizing a virtual background for your Zoom calls, will better protect your privacy. Your space during a call can expose a lot of information to potential hackers. Such as where you live and your habits and hobbies. Thus, this makes it even more important to utilize Zoom backgrounds.


How to Add a Background to your Zoom Call:

1. Download your preferred background to somewhere you can easily find it, such as your desktop.
2. Log in to your Zoom account as an administrator.
3. Go to your Settings.



4. Select Virtual Background.



5. Then click the + icon in order to upload a background image.



6. You’re all set. The background you set will automatically be enabled in your next meeting!


Free Zoom Backgrounds from Multibrain

Below are a few free Zoom backgrounds from us which you can save directly from this blog! Way more Zoom backgrounds options are available to all Multibrain subscribers. Sign up here to learn more!


Free Nature Background


Free Home Background


Free Abstract Background



Sources: Norris, Emma. “6 Free Zoom Backgrounds to Delight Your Colleagues.” and Gebhart, Gennie. “Harden Your Zoom Settings to Protect Your Privacy & Avoid Trolls.

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