Ways to Get Holiday-Ready on Social

Online shopping is going to be the go-to for this holiday season, which is why it’s important to start getting your social media channels ready for the holidays! That being said, here are some tips we have to get holiday-ready on social:


Start prepping your Content Calendar.


As this time of year is typically busy for us all, it is important to get your content calendar ready for the holiday season! A few ways you can do so is schedule out posts for upcoming holiday promotions your business offers, and then schedule out relative posts when those promotions go live. Schedule out posts for different holidays during this season as all your customers may not participate in the same holidays. An easy way to do so is to visit the Holidays category in the platform to see all the different types of posts available on upcoming holidays, then schedule these out on their correct dates, so you don’t forget about them. Write engaging captions around the holidays, and even share your plans for the holidays and what you’re doing during this time to better connect with your audience.


Tease new products and promotions.


Start teasing new products and upcoming promotions for the holidays in order to get your customers excited and ready for the holiday season. Tease your Cyber Monday offer of free shipping or share any gift bundles to come out for the holidays early. This can grab your audience’s attention, and get them ready to shop come time these products and/or promotions go live.


Spread holiday cheer through your messages.


It’s important to post genuine holiday messages to your customers, and not make it all about sales. Ask your customers what they are up to for the holidays, wish them a happy and safe holiday season with loved ones, or just post anything fun for the holidays in order to better connect with your customers. There’s a variety of posts like these in the platform you can use under our Holidays category on Multibrain, such as the one below.



Plan ahead for ads.


If you’re wanting to run social media ads this time of year, get them approved as soon as possible. The market is busy this time of year, which means some social platforms may take longer than normal to approve your ads. Therefore, it is best to submit your ads earlier as most platforms allow you to choose a start and end date, and you do not want to miss out on any prime selling days. Another thing to note, is you may need to prepare to spend more on ad campaigns, as costs typically go up during this time.


A few other tips…


A couple of other tips to prepare for the holidays is to get your message inboxes ready and send thank you notes. Your message inbox will typically heighten this time of year as people will be messaging you about all kinds of things such as product information or order status. That being said, be ready and clear out your inbox, and be sure someone is ready to respond to the messages. Also, be sure to send thank you messages to your loyal customers come the end of the year. Whether it’s hand-written or an email this is a gesture which can go a long way. Thank your loyal customers, and wish them a happy new year in order to maintain a strong relationship with them show them you care.

We hope these tips help you market on social these next couple of months, and Happy Holidays!



Source: Gotter, Ana. “Social Media Tips for the Holiday Season: How to Prepare for It.” agora pulse, 19 October 2020, www.agorapulse.com/blog/holiday-season-social-media-management/.

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