What Does Online Dating and Your Business Have in Common?

Have you ever thought about the art of dating? There are so many factors to consider and think about. There’s how you initially present yourself, what stories you bring to the table, body language, etiquette, etc. Every single thing you do on a date signals whether the other person responds positively or adversely to you. In a way, think about digital marketing as your dating profile. The things you do can make or break whether customers are attracted to your brand or business. Bluntly put — your online persona is everything.

Here’s What You Can Do to Attract the Customers You Want Through Online Marketing

  1. Sell the Benefit, Not the Comparison – Similar products and services come at a dime a dozen. You can use your “assets” to stand out from your competitor (cost, quality, or some combination of the two), but what does your customer get out of being with YOU? Let them know what they’ll be missing!
  2. Listen, Listen, Listen: Have you ever been on a date and became frustrated because you were never asked a single question? Like dating, customers want to be heard. Ask your customers questions, take the time to listen to them and value their opinions.
  3. Market Your Product Before It’s Ready: Have you ever heard that you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take? Don’t wait until all things are perfect. Start positioning and marketing your brand and getting yourself out there. That way, when the product is ready, you will already have a following!
  4. Think Outside of the Box:  The ways we communicate are ever-changing and you never want to blend in the crowd. Think of effective and creative ways to get your message out there! Video marketing, blogs, different social media channels, crowdsourcing….are just a few to name!
  5. Test Fast, Fail Fast: What’s working? What’s not working? It’s all about testing and measuring. See what works in your campaign and keep those aspects. What channels get the best response? What types of messages get the most engagement? If it’s not working, toss or tweak and test again!
  6. Advertise From Multiple Angles: Increase exposure to your brand or product by advertising in multiple channels. Visibility will help you to raise brand awareness and keep you in the minds of consumers in the future.
  7. Time for PR: Build credibility by getting notable sources to talk about or feature your brand or product. 
  8. Give Customers A Place to Talk About You: Like dating, the other person (in this case your customers) want to know that their opinions and what they have to say matters. Give them a platform, listen to what they have to say, and genuinely address their opinions or concerns. If there’s a wrong, fix it.
  9. Reward Customers: Loyalty is everything. Find a way to reward your most loyal customers! 

    Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/284271

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