What Type of Instagram Account is Best for You?

Are you just getting started on Instagram or are you wondering about the different types of accounts Instagram has to offer? Well, there are currently three different types you can choose from. Regardless of your social media skill set, keep reading to learn more about what type of Instagram account is best for you! 


Personal Accounts

To meet the most basic, everyday user’s social media needs, Instagram allows users to set up personal accounts. A personal Instagram account is perfect for general users who just want to use the platform to connect and interact with friends and family, as well as those who want to stay up to date with their favorite celebrities and brands. These accounts are perfect for people who do not have a desire to promote products or their business. They contain all of the basic features one might need such as posting on their Feed, Stories, Reels and IGTV. These accounts can be either public or private, and allow users to choose whether or not to link to a Facebook page. 

With personal Instagram accounts, users are not able to access insights and analytics or use advertising. They also don’t have specific buttons allocated for users to attach their contact information. While these accounts certainly have limited features when compared to the Professional accounts (Business and Creator), they are still the ideal account for those who just want to have fun and enjoy the platform. 

Professional Accounts


Creator Accounts

Instagram allows users to choose between two types of Professional accounts: Creator and Business. Creator accounts are ideal for influencers, public or notable figures, and content creators. According to Brittanie Dreghorn of Business2Community.com, these accounts are a step up from the personal account, and a step down from a business account. These accounts include the same basic features as personal accounts, as well as some fun new features. Users can add links to Instagram Stories if they become verified or gain over 10,000 followers. Creator accounts also allow users to set up ways to better manage their direct messages from their fans. If users decide to set up creator accounts, they gain access to Creator Studio on their desktop which makes branded content easier for them to manage and create promotions. This type of account can run ads on their posts and profile.

Creator accounts also give users, “…creator-specific insights and analytics…” about their performance. These accounts can be made to look and feel as a personal account would, or users can choose to display category labels and/or contact details. Because creator accounts are used by those who are trying to increase their presence on the platform, these accounts cannot be made private. 

Business Accounts

The final type of Professional account Instagram offers to users is a business account. Business accounts are ideal for those who want to implement a business strategy (usually involving selling products or services) into their use of the platform. The features are closely related to those present on the creator account but include some additional features that will help users to grow their brand and business. 

Users with business accounts have the ability to run ads, just like Creator Accounts, as well as manage branded content and promotion payments. In addition to the ways a creator account makes it easier to manage direct messages, business accounts give users the ability to access video chat. Business accounts also grant users access to Instagram Shopping which allows them to tag specific products in their posts. 

Plus, with a Business Account ONLY, you will be able to connect with platforms, such as ours to schedule out your posts.

Which one of these accounts sounds most useful for what you’re trying to achieve? Our platform gives you access to tutorials on how to set these accounts up!


Source: “What is the Difference Between the 3 Instagram Profile Types.” Business2Community.com, Brittanie Dreghorn, 9 April 2020, https://www.business2community.com/instagram/what-is-the-difference-between-the-3-instagram-profile-types-02300390. Accessed 14 April 2021.

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