What’s New With Facebook Groups?

Facebook has announced a handful of updates to Facebook Groups that we hope will make the admin experience much more intuitive. These updates include the addition of “Admin Home”, tools to moderate conversations and potential conflict, and new ways that the community standards can be reinforced. 


Introducing ‘Admin Home’


Facebook is adding a new feature for Group Admins called “Admin Home”. Here, Group Admins will be able to quickly see what needs attention within the group. This will include posts, members, and reported comments. They will also be able to find key tools through a more clear layout that will show them what is available under each category. Group Admins will also gain access to new features that will be rolled out in the future. 


Tools to Help With Content Moderation and Resolving Potential Conflict


One of Facebook’s main priorities with Groups is to keep it a safe space. Admins play a very important role in maintaining this space. Facebook is introducing “Comment Moderation to Admin Assist”. This will allow admins to set up criteria to automatically moderate posts and comments. Admins can set up restrictions as to who can qualify to participate in discussions, reduce promotional content by declining posts with specific links, as well as use Facebook’s suggested criteria to help keep the Group a safe and focused space for all members. Admins will have the ability to add and edit the criteria to ensure that the needs of the Group are met at any given time. They can also undo any actions from Admin Assist if there are any mistakes made. 


New Ways to Reinforce Community Culture


One of the main responsibilities of a Group Admin is to be able to shape and reinforce a community’s culture. One of the ways Facebook intends on helping Admins facilitate their groups is by adding a member summary feature. This will consolidate a summary of each group member’s activity in the group including how many times they’ve posted and commented, or how many times they’ve had a post or comment removed from the group. Admins will also be able to appeal violations for content they or other admins posted or appproved within the group. Finally, Group members can now tag group rules in the comments of a post, as well as when they report a post. This is an attempt to make it easier to share and enforce rules in Groups.


Facebook is working very hard to make Groups a more intuitive experience from every possible end. What do you think about these new updates?


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