What’s New with Instagram Reels?

Reels killed Instagram Video? It seems like it, as Instagram has made some new updates to the way they display their video content on the app, while also providing some new tools for creativity within the Reels editing interface.

What You Can Expect:

Instagram has made the decision that all video content will now be viewed as Reels on the social media app (whether you select to upload a Reel or not).

This change is consistent with Instagram’s recent phasing out of IGTV and Instagram Video posts – more about that in this blog here. Now, all the video content that belongs to an individual user will be available via the “Reels” tab on their profile.

Instagram has said that any videos shorter than 15 minutes (so essentially, any video on the platform) will be automatically converted into a Reel format for viewing on the platform. While we know Reels has become the fastest growing form of content in the app, widening the content within the “Reels” umbrella does open the door to over-saturation of content in the Reels feed – making content harder to become discoverable.

New Creative Tools for Reels:

With the new interface changes, also comes some new tools to help users when editing their Reels within the Instagram app.

Expanding on their Remix feature, which allows users to collaborate with other users’ videos and “remix” it, Instagram will now allow any public photos to be remixed into Reels.

Remix will also now include different layouts to react to other users’ content, including green screen, horizontal and vertical split-screen, and picture-in-picture reaction view. All of these tools will be accessible when you press the three dots in the top right hand corner of the content you would like to Remix, and select “Remix this photo/Reel.”

Lastly, Instagram is expanding their access to Reels templates, a feature that was previously being tested on a smaller scale. This option allows users to use someone else’s Reel that was edited within the Instagram app as a template for your own video clips. 

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