Why We Use Instagram Question Stickers + 5 Fun Question Ideas

Instagram is one of the best places to get feedback directly from your customers. But then you have to deal with the 400 DMs crowding your inbox after you ask for it…

Enter: Instagram question stickers.

The question sticker for Instagram stories collects and organizes your followers’ responses. This allows you to easily see and respond to their feedback. Here’s how to use the Instagram questions sticker, plus 5 creative ideas to inspire you.

What is the Instagram question sticker?

If you’ve been wondering when you can start asking your Instagram audience questions, the time is now.

Instagram has added an interactive question sticker to their Stories feature, which allows you to ask your audience any question you want. You can type out your own question, or use one of the pre-made options.

Once a user taps on the sticker, they’ll be able to answer by typing out a short message or taking a photo. The response will appear as text in the Story itself.

You can also link your Story to other content if you want—perfect for Q&As and FAQs!

These stickers are perfect for engaging your audience and starting conversations—and now that they’re here, there’s no excuse not to try them out!

5 Creative Instagram Question Sticker Ideas

1. Run a Q&A

Yep, you can use the question box to collect questions from your audience — and not just answers to your questions.

Instagram question stickers are a super simple way to host a Q&A, since it’s so easy for your audience. Throw a question sticker into your Stories, then answer the responses publicly for everyone to learn from.

You can also use question boxes in your caption or comments section to ask specific questions that lead to more organic engagement than a generic “comment below” would.

For example, if you’re hosting an Instagram takeover and want to know what types of content people would like from you, throw out a question like “What do you want to see from me on Instagram?” with an open-ended answer box where people can leave their thoughts in the comments below.

2. Get feedback on a product or service

At Multibrain, we’re always trying to find ways to improve our customer experience.

One of the best ways we’ve found is by using Instagram question stickers. These stickers allow customers to ask questions about your product without having to contact customer service and without having to wait for an answer.

If a potential customer wants to know more about your product, they can do so instantly. If a current customer has an issue with their product, they can easily get in touch with you and find out how to solve the problem.

And if a customer just has a simple question like “What’s the best way to use this product?” or “Can I use this product on my face?”, these question stickers make it easy for them to get their answer without having to wait until they have enough information to justify contacting your customer service team.

3. Get silly

Social media is supposed to be fun and engaging! So, why don’t you ask your followers something unrelated to your products? Not to mine for data points about their personality type so you can tailor better ads to them, but just for some good old fashioned conversation.

Bonus: Screenshot your Story and share it as a post to spark even more conversations on your main feed, too.

4. Build hype for a launch

Tease a new product or brochure in your Stories and have your audience guess what it is. Or, announce the new product and get people to submit reasons they’re excited about it to build up social proof even before it’s available.

It can also be an opportunity to clarify details about your launch or all the finer details people may miss at first. Save these as a temporary highlight while your launch is going on.

5. Get to know your audience

People love talking about themselves. Give them the opportunity to do so and you’ll get increased engagement metrics, if you ask something related to your business.

Give people a chance to share their stories and they will talk, write and share more with you.

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